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“Whether we were training 50 or 500 employees, MedEd Author’s courses engage our employees, motivating them to achieve!”
– Nick Cook

Types of courses

Certificates of Completion

These courses are designed for the “On-The-Go-Learner” who have busy lifestyles. Our course delivery platform keeps your students and employees engaged throughout the learning cycle to ensure a higher level of retention and competency.


Skills Badging

Badging Programs train a person to be effective in a particular field or area. Often, college degrees are no longer necessary to become a valued employee. Most importantly, an employer needs the person to do their job efficiently. Working directly with you, our badging programs deliver competency based training with performance analytics.


empower your Employees and students

Continuous Skill Development, Interactive Quizzes and Simulations, Self-paced Learning and Performance Analytics Providing Remediation.


“lightening in the bottle”

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Deliberate practice leads to significant skill improvement and expertise by focusing on specific weaknesses and pushing individuals beyond their comfort zones. With its structured and purposeful approach, deliberate practice is a powerful method for achieving mastery in various domains and promoting lifelong learning.


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